The best advertising ever………..


Sometimes someone says something that just hits the right spot. The other day I was looking through some old magazine articles and i came across a short article that Seb Coe had written in the Observer magazine on February 7th 2004. In terms of marketing the power of osteopathy, it says it all!! Here it is, verbatim…..


“I love running – I run every day. I can’t look at a smooth patch of grass without running on it. The worst thing for me is not being able to run.


When I was competing, I occasionally took a vitamin supplement, but i’ve always believed that if you have a healthy lifestyle and eat well, then that’s enough.


I lived in Italy for two years during the 1980s, and that has had the biggest influence on my eating. I could live on fresh fruit.


I learned a trick in training, where I could put myself to sleep in around seven minutes, anywhere. It was great before races, as I could sleep rather than use up nervous energy.


I don’t have a guru, no Carole Caplin, but I was one of the first athletes to see an osteopath – I heard John McEnroe talking about an osteopath, and I rang her that night. I would never have made it to the Olympics in 1984 without her.