The Best Advertising Ever…

Sometimes someone says something that just hits the right spot. The other day I was looking through some old magazine articles and I came across a short article that Seb Coe had written in the Observer magazine on 7 February 2004. In terms of marketing the power of osteopathy, it says it all! Here it is, verbatim…..

“I love running – I run every day. I can’t look at a smooth patch of grass without running on it. The worst thing for me is not being able to run.

When I was competing, I occasionally took a vitamin supplement, but I’ve always believed that if you have a healthy lifestyle and eat well, then that’s enough.

I lived in Italy for two years during the 1980s, and that has had the biggest influence on my eating. I could live on fresh fruit.

I learned a trick in training, where I could put myself to sleep in around seven minutes, anywhere. It was great before races, as I could sleep rather than use up nervous energy.

I don’t have a guru, no Carole Caplin, but I was one of the first athletes to see an osteopath – I heard John McEnroe talking about an osteopath, and I rang her that night. I would never have made it to the Olympics in 1984 without her.”

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